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Viaro Energy is an Independent British energy company, headquartered and registered in London with offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. We are active in the production and trading of oil, gas and associated products. We have grown rapidly since 2012, reaching a turnover of over $1 billion in 2020. We have significant production assets in the UKCS and the Netherlands and the commodities we trade include gasoline, middle distillates, petrochemicals, naphtha, fuel oil, and crude oil with global trading houses and other counterparties. Through our upstream activities, the Viaro Group has established strong relationships with many oil and gas operators.

Our values as a private company are closely allied with the values and approach of a listed company because we understand the benefits of good corporate governance and citizenship. Our success has been built on relationships and the management of complex stakeholder groups.

Viaro Energy is part of the Viaro Group of companies which also includes Viaro Investment and Viaro Real Estate. We established our global headquarters in the UK in 2018 and this is now the directing base for all our activities and our centre of operations for future growth.