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Viaro supports the principles of the UN Global compact and we outline our Group policies on anti-corruption, bribery, and ethics in the policies section of this site. We understand the environmental context of the energy trading sector. The key to achieving climate reform is the way in which a portfolio of energy production is managed. We believe that the traditional energy sector has an important role to play in the transition to a carbon neutral world. We are also exploring opportunities in alternative energy sources. We assess all our activities as a group for their environmental impact but also for their impact on the human rights of those working in our company and in our supply chain.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following the recommendations of the World Health Organisation we decided to launch a competition for ideas for interventions that could quickly deliver support for front line health workers in dealing with the stress of the crisis. The projects were asked to address stress, trauma and abuse in a sustainable way that was value for money. We are now partnering with the Expressive Writing Project run by Kingston University and the Open University which delivers well-being and stress relieving exercises to frontline workers via an online hub. To reflect our origins and global interests we asked that the resources be made available in multiple languages. We intend to extend out partnerships with UK Universities in the future. See CSR section