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The Viaro Energy leadership team has developed a set of values, policies and processes that articulate our values as a company. These are summed up in our overall Human Rights Policy:

Viaro Energy is committed to the protection of human rights in the conduct of all its business dealings and internal culture. This commitment is based on first, second and third generation rights:

  1. First Generation: civil and political rights.
    We are committed to the rule of law, freedom of expression and the right to life. We include in these rights, the right to a clean and sustainable environment.
  2. Second Generation: social and educational rights.
    We express through our human resource policy a commitment to the development and care of our staff. This also entails a commitment to the sustainable conduct of our business in terms of climate reform and the environment.
  3. Third Generation: cultural rights and the rights of indigenous peoples.
    We recognise diversity, equality and inclusion in our employment and business practices. Whenever possible we seek local supply chain partners who provide local produce and goods.

This commitment is based on our support for the UN Global Compact and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. It is substantiated in these external benchmarks and in our internal policy documents.

This commitment to Human Rights encompasses our commitment to climate reform, environmental protection and sustainable development. It is based on UN Sustainable Development Goals. This external benchmark is supported by our internal policies reflecting our environmental practice in the way we do business which is articulated in our HSE policies and in the way we conduct trades which is reflected in, for example, our vetting policy for vessels.

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