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Viaro Energy is a company that spans the world but is based in the heart of London. Our team spend their lives travelling, and we ensure that their health, safety and welfare is always our primary concern. We are committed to flexible working, which is both, in our experience very efficient and very family friendly. Most of the team have offices set up at home already, for some a secure phone and an internet connection constitute the home office. Our flexible working patterns used in the London HQ and in our global set of offices by staff teams are well suited to the way the world will be working after Covid-19.

We layout our policy on inclusion, ethics, and human rights in our company policy section. All of these policies apply to the people who are part of our team and we try to look for partners in our supply chains that share these values. They are expanded on in our staff handbook and run through our application and recruitment procedures.

The central Viaro team have decades of combined experience in trading in the oil and gas sector and beyond. They are supported by analysts and communications experts who have worked closely with us over many complex transactions. Working within the Viaro Group is an exciting and challenging experience and our people operate at the cutting edge of their respective fields. Our working practices are based on a belief in the private sector’s role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Our employment practices are therefore informed by the key SDGs related to Human Development and Resources:

If you are interested in joining the team we are always looking for new talent. See our Job Opportunities section or email your details to admin@viaro.co.uk

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