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Psychosocial Support for Front Line Health Care Workers During and After the COVID-19 Outbreak

Call for Project Concept Notes

Viaro Energy as part of the Viaro Investment Group is inviting applications for small project grants designed to assist front line health care workers during the outbreak COVID-19 and after its peak.

The projects should respond to the World Health Organisations note on Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak with respect to Healthcare workers.

1) Stress and trauma: even if health care workers have experienced difficult conditions in the past, they are unlikely to have worked through the kinds of conditions that will develop as the outbreak reaches its peak. This will cause significant problems of stress and potentially trauma in dealing with significant numbers of fatalities.

2) Abuse: There is a possibility that front line workers dealing with patients suffering from COVID-19 will have experienced what WHO describes as “avoidance by their family or community due to stigma or fear.” This stigmatising will be an additional source of potential trauma.

​3) Sustainability: The WHO has made clear that: This is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. It is often the case that it is sometime after or following prolonged exposure to sources of stress or trauma that symptoms present themselves. So, it is important to develop long term forms of psychosocial support that can continue to be deployed after the pandemic has peaked.

4) Value for money: Whatever support can be delivered needs to be accessible, value for money, scalable and user friendly. Ideally therefore this should be an intervention that has already been used and simply needs adaptation for the frontline health care community.

The funded project will be the one that scores highest in the following assessment criterion:

  • Usable in multiple geographies/languages
  • Based on existing best practice
  • Easily adaptable to Health Care workers
  • Easily accessible in an online, film or training programme form
  • Able to reach a large number of people with limited resources
  • Scalable if organisations take up the approach
  • User friendly and excellent value for money

Proposals should be in the form of a Concept Note responding to the four elements above and describing how the project meets the assessment criterion. It should be no more than 2 sides of A4. It should be accompanied by an activity-based budget.

Project proposals should be submitted to