Francesco Mazzagatti

Francesco MazzagattiViaro Energy CEO Francesco Mazzagatti is a vocal proponent of the importance of energy security for the economic well-being of the UK and for a proper transition to carbon neutrality. He has consistently invested in new and existing developments in the North Sea throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the Energy Profit Levy (EPL) imposed by the UK government.

While the EPL has driven a significant number of oil and gas companies to abandon or wind down their UK operations, Mazzagatti’s Viaro Energy is currently considered one of the biggest investors in the North Sea. Esteemed industry experts have repeatedly recognized the North Sea as Europe’s most effective solution to securing a stable energy transition and alleviating supply concerns.

Mazzagatti is also a member of the 2023 advisory board of the World Energy Capital Assembly, Europe’s largest gathering of senior energy, finance, and investment professionals. The event is organized by the Energy Council, the world’s leading network of energy executives contributing to strategies, policies, and business decisions concerning the energy transition.

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